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I’m Carol Wachniak
My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your health by coaching at the cellular level. 

How is that possible?
I’m not here to make you healthy. Let me explain …

Before we go further, let’s redefine cellular health, shall we? When we focus on our natural state, you will realize how amazing each cell is doing so much without our awareness, then what health is simply revisiting our natural born cell state and just give the healthy environment for each cell to grow and and renew.  

But first let me give you my real life story.
 On January 4th 2003. I was sent home to die. To make matter worse, Doctors gave up on me I was allergic to everything. My Blood Pressure would shoot up to 290/190 within seconds. My body was hyper acidic. Think I am exaggerating? I was drinking only water, prayer, and reading my bible for 96 days. 

That’s when it hit me again on March 23, 2003, This is going to surprise you, I heard a doctor on the radio say, “Coach at the cellular level.” Yes, it’s true, I had to go see him even if it was $1,200 to speak with him, you know what? my family did a fund-raiser so I could go.

And best of all I had my first Seed Milk April 9th 2003 It was like a manna I called it my Heaven’s Smoothie Seed Milk. Before I jump into details, by June 9, 2003 I was on vacation in Spokane Wa. & by November 9th my family and I were in Hawaii celebrating Christmas. Yay!

Want to see how it works now?  
There’s just one more thing, I have traveled all over teaching what I paid over $100,000.00 to learn what I am about to share with you. To begin with, this information is the foundation It literally saved my life. So that’s why I am now on a mission to create more local Healing Home Haven to empower Coaches to help spred this good news of transformation at the Cellular Level.

I help people realize their full potential at the cellular level and back it up with daily specific action you can take and with measurable results.
In fact, in 1976, Dr. West made a Major Life-Saving Discovery which revealed the sodium-potassium pump is in every cell, in every organ and in every part of your body – actually generates electricity.  

Just for the record, it took Dr. West 31 years to write the following formula is about to revolutionize the whole medical world because with this formula people are now able to keep their bodies free of pain and disease from birth until Heaven: 

Let me share this with you, this core formula is so simple and easy to apply even a seven-year-old can understand and use it right away; However don’t take my word for it, before you deny this, always test it. because it works, Just think about it how oxygen is converted to power which is necessary for all of our organs and every part of the body to function properly.

Let me explain what I mean, the sodium-potassium PUMPS in every cell generate the ELECTRICITY… in a nut shell that gives your eyes the POWER to see and your brain the POWER to work. It turns out these same pumps in the cells of the muscles are able to generate the ELECTRICITY that gives the muscles POWER so you can walk and run.  

Here is how your heart gets the POWER to beat, and how your pancreas gets the POWER to produce insulin; and this is how your white blood cells get the POWER they need to kill the cancer cells and all viruses etc.

Here is what this is all about, Dr. West said, …

 “You can now learn how to get OXYGEN to every cell in your body so your body can heal itself, isn’t this exciting?”
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